Board of Directors

Board Diversity

Provision’s Board of Directors has seven members, including 3 independent directors,  one of whom is female.

Provision’s Board is comprised of a diverse group of professionals from different backgrounds in law, operation, management, finance and technology, etc.

List of Directors
TitleNameEducation, Professional Qualifications, Major Past Positions & Current Positions
DirectorTodd Lin
  • EMBA, National Taiwan University
  • Director and President, Provision Information Co., Ltd.
  • DirectorCyun-Fa Investment Co., Ltd
    Representative:Hong-Chang Lin
  • Master of Science in Finance, George Washington University
  • EMBA, National Taiwan University
  • Consultant, Taiwan Rolling Stock Co., Ltd.
  • Chief Financial Officer, Healthconn Corp.
  • Financial Director and Company Spokesman, Senao International Co., Ltd.
  • DirectorCheng-Shin Investment Co., Ltd
    Representative:Annis Hsu
  • EMBA, University of Massachusetts
  • Director, Cheng-Shin Investment Co., Ltd.
  • DirectorCybersoft Digital Services Corporation
    Representative:Duan-Hua hu
  • Master of Transportation & Logistics Management, National Chiao Tung University
  • Manager, Taiwan area of IBM
  • Vice Chairman, Citibank Taiwan
  • Director, Cybersoft Digital Services Corporation
  • Independent DirectorJhih-Cheng Wang
  • EMBA, National Taiwan University
  • General Manager, Inventec Corporation
  • Independent DirectorMu-Min Cheng
  • EMBA, National Taiwan University
  • Master of Law, Soochow University
  • Bachelor of Dentistry, Chung-Shan Medical University
  • Bo-Sz Low Firm
  • Independent DirectorChin-De Chiang
  • Master of Banking andFinance, Tamkang University
  • Vice President, IBF Financial Holdings Co.,Ltd.
  • General Manager, First Financial Holding Co., Ltd.
  • President, First Life Insurance Co., Ltd.