Financial Application Solutions

(Standard product development platform)

ProFEP is a shared platform for developing financial transaction designed by Provision using JAVA language. It has powerful functions which enable technical team develop all applications quickly, and maintain the version consistency and standard of all products.

  1. Communication Module.
  2. Message handling Module.
  3. Transaction process handling Module.
  4. Timeout transaction trigger Module.
  5. Database input/output Module.
  6. Transaction shared function Module.
  7. Batch scheduling Module.

(Integrated Communication Server)

  1. Provide solution for internal system connection of banks.
  2. Synchronize disconnection. Both Internal (LU0, Lu6.2) and external(TCP/IP) connections will be detected by the system automatically then recover.
  3. Strong expansion ability. To implement a new connection doesn’t affect existing business online, and use Multiple Instance & Multiple Service Owner.
  4. Guarantee investment. Banks don’t have to or slightly modify mainframe applications.
  5. Provide transform of communication protocol (e.g. IPSNA).

(Collection System of Financial industry)

  1. Provide services of files exchange, schedule handling, and file format exchange between different systems for bank to bank or bank to authorities.
  2. Support file-encrypted transmission protocol for FTP and SFTP/FTPS.
  3. Handle collection business of FISC and TCH, and handle the submitted file format of JCIC, NCCC, and CBC.
  4. The single management and control for operation of files exchange within systems can easily manage the limits of authority, ensure the file transmission status, and inspect the status of batch operation.

(Encryption kit for file transmission)

  1. This product was developed by the file transmission rules of EasyCard Corporation.

  2. Encrypt files for banks to be in line with the security control and management standard of receiving party. The encryption module meets the international certification (FIPS 140-2 Level3) to ensure the safety of decryption process.

  3. Intuitive user interface can schedule file transmission, support artificial transmission, inquire record and produce/build RSA keys.

PROACS (ATM Controlled System)

  1. Provide transaction control service for automation machines (Like ATM, PEM) and exchange of Keys.
  2. Support communication protocol such as TCP/IP, SDLC and HDLC.
  3. Support international standard message formats such as IBM 473x, NDC+ and DDC.
  4. Support main brands ATM vendors like Diebold, Wincor, NCT, and OMRON(or MDS).

(ATM Management System)

  1. Integrate ProACS to provide services of online monitoring, command releasing, and accident circulating.

  2. Integrate external systems (SMS, Email, Fax) and circulate a notice to related stuff when there are abnormal situations or shortage of media to ensure high availability of automation services.


(Query system to JCIC)

  1. Provide an user-friendly interface to authorized users in banks to inquire JCIC system, which reduce the process of applying cards and save the cost of card management.
  2. Provide standard interface to connect with internal e-Loan system to unite the external inquiry process to JCIC.
  3. Provide the “Fresh period” function for inquiry control. It can set up the data period of all items to save cost of inquiry.
  4. Integrate Gateway module/Batch-to-online Module/Fresh Period control Module/Raw Data Dismantling Module to a single hardware box, which lower the hardware, software, and management cost significantly.