Provision’s product lines and services include Payment solutions, Financial application solutions, Information security solutions, and Outsourcing services. Since Payment and clearing systems are the foundations to improve the nation’s economics and banking developments, Provision serves financial industry clients for the long term, specifies in financial industrial know-how and cutting-edge technology, and focuses on payment and clearing systems and information security. It is our goal to provide clients continuous and excellent services. We position ourselves to be the strategic partner of our clients and to create a win-win cooperation. In the future, Provision will continue focusing on innovation. We will also push our services to front-end users so to assist our clients to integrate business flow, payment flow and information flow all together across different industries.

Our Service

Outsourcing services

On-site services for outsourcing clients Provide services in Provision Kaohsiung office for outsourcing clients Project development outsourcing services

Financial application solutions

Funds transfer platform solutions including Interbank remittance system, ATM system, FEDI system, FXML system, Internet banking and Mobile banking. It provides real-time funds transfer services to the public.

Provide various and required encryption and decryption algorithms for financial application solutions. Improve the level of security in management so to 100% fulfill requirements of encryption and decryption in the financial systems.