Information Security



(Hardware Security Module)

  1. ProHSMTM (Hardware Security Module) is a Financial Payment HSM. It provides global and Taiwan payment cryptographic functions.

  2. ProHSMTM M10K is the latest product model. It is fully compatible with the functions of the previous series.

  3. To fulfill new financial applications, ProHSMTM M10K adds various payment modules (e.g. EMV 4.x, ACS 2.0, ASC TR-31, DUKPT, FISC JWS, etc).

  4. For global payment security requirement, ProHSMTM M10K support AES Key Block LMK in the infrastructure, to enhance the way HSM protects the keys.

  5. Support all the Taiwan Switching Center security specification (e.g. FISC, TCH, NCCC, TWMP, etc)

  6. Provide prompt service (including customization), to quickly respond to customer needs.

  7. The series of products use hardware cryptographic cards, which comply with the security certificate FIPS 140-2 level 3 or above. All the cryptographic functions fully meet financial regulations.

(Key Management Console)

  1. ProHSMTM KMC is a key management console for ProHSMTM or other HSMs. It makes key custodians can safely perform key management of HSM.
  2. Support impact printer, to meet Taiwan FISC payment requirement.
  3. Provide Smartcard Role-Based Access Control (RBAC).
  4. Support Secure Channel mechanism to call ProHSMTM.
  5. ProHSMTM KMC assures to pass the Taiwan FISC financial security auditing.

(HSM Monitoring)

  1. ProMonitor is the optional peripheral product of ProHSMTM. It provides HSM real-time status monitoring.
  2. Can integrate customer alert system (SMS/ Mail).
  3. Support transaction use analysis, so that customers can plan equipment configuration strategies based on the analysis results.

(Security User Interface Program)

  1. ProHSMTM SUIP is an optional peripheral product of ProHSMTM, providing high-level standard security API.
  2. The host applications may use HSM through the consolidated platform.
  3. It may provide compatible module, to adapt with client’s existing host applications through customization, so as to reduce the high cost of system integration.
  4. Support real-time/batch key synchronization mechanism.
  5. Provide access control list mechanism (ACL) to meet the requirements of Taiwan financial review and bank internal audit verification.

(Validation Authority)

  1. ProVA is the solution to process financial certificates. It also supports like natural person certificate, bank card verification, etc.
  2. Built-in cryptographic module to improve the efficiency of verification and certification.
  3. Provide open interface HTTP/SOAP.
  4. Easy-to-use management UI which make it more convenient for the Certificate/Key management, information query and be easy to output reports.